Kayla Bella Magic


Hanging animal bones in the branches of trees is supposed to hide whatever is beyond them. Isabella says that vertebrae are the “traditional” choice, but “bone stars” are the best if you want to conceal something from someone who means you harm. I can’t believe I know this now, but a “bone star” is made of four long bones like femurs tied together like a cross, which . . . gross.

To hide a particular path or road, you can carve your intention into the first tree at the start of the road. I guess this means, like, if you want So-and-So not to notice it, you would carve “So-and-So won’t see this” into the tree? I’m not sure, the hex book doesn’t really specify.

This method can also be used to conceal an object you wish to keep hidden. Like for example, you could carve a charm into the lid of a box if you didn’t want someone looking for it or you could sew one inside a coat to keep the person wearing it from being noticed.

It’s important to know that these charms aren’t foolproof. They work best on the unsuspecting. It would be relatively simple, for instance, to prevent strangers from straying into your field, but it would be more difficult to hide the same field from one who already knew its location. An experienced practitioner, especially a sensitive person or someone with a great deal of power, will be much more adept at seeing through concealments. 


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