Kayla Bella Magic


“Body-without-soul” is what you call it when someone sends their spirit out visiting and it doesn’t come back. Someone’s spirit can also be forced out of their body, apparently. This can last for a little while, or a long time. Isabella says there have been cases where people spent the rest of their lives body-without-soul. Her grandma won’t talk about that, though, because even mentioning bad luck can make it happen.

I’m not really sure what “body-without-soul” is supposed to look like because the hex book hardly even mentions it. It kind of reminds me of some of the stuff I’ve read about zombies in a way.

People who are body-without-soul don’t go walking around with their arms out stiff, devouring human flesh. They’re just hollowed out.

OK . . . thanks for really clearing that up, Bella.

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