Kayla Bella Magic

This is worse

I can’t believe this is happening. It doesn’t feel real. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand.

The other day, I was out grocery shopping with my mom, and we ran into Dr. Hargo. I remembered Isabella telling me that he would make house calls sometimes when she was sick and her grandma’s herbal remedies couldn’t cut it.

I asked if he’d heard from her at all and he said he’d just been up to the house the other day. I was so relieved. But then he said Isabella was catatonic. I almost started crying right there in the grocery store. My mom obviously didn’t want to cause a scene, so he wouldn’t really tell me more than that. Apparently her grandmother is taking care of her at home. He told me not to worry. He said that Isabella was resting comfortably now. Those were his exact words, “resting comfortably”, like she’s just taking a nap.

I can’t believe it. I wanted to find her so badly, but not like this. Somehow, this is so much worse.

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