We are Kayla and Isabella, two girls from West Virginia who are interested in natural magic.

I’m Kayla. I’m the one writing most of this blog because Isabella is shy. I like old folk music and my black cat Willow. I’m teaching myself the autoharp right now and some day I really want to learn how to play the hammered dulcimer. I’ve always been kind of low key obsessed with witchcraft, so it’s pretty cool that my best friend turned out to be a witch!

My name is Isabella. I am not a witch, despite what Kayla says. However, I am a hereditary practitioner. I’ve been schooled in magic by my grandmother since I was a little girl. And I wish you wouldn’t say I’m shy. I just happen to be more comfortable writing in a private diary than I am sharing my writing where anyone could read my writing.

So that’s us! Isabella’s going to be schooling me in magic with the help of her grandma’s hex book. Stay tuned as I start learning more about natural magic!