Meet Your Local Witch!

What would you do if you found out your new best friend was a witch? Make her teach you everything she knows and start a blog about it, right? Yeah, me too.

Imagine my surprise when one day Isabella just casually mentions that she and her grandma are going to do some magic later. I mean when we first met, I kind of figured they were probably super religious. I guess that’s just my assumption about homeschooled kids, sorry not sorry. I was definitely not expecting her to tell me she’s basically a witch.

I’m really not a witch. And it’s not witchcraft, it’s practice. Practicing is something you do, not something you are. Anyone can practice, although certain people are more adept than others.

OK, whatever you say. She’s definitely a witch, right?

isabella_pendantMany of the women in my family have been what Granny calls “sensitive”. I suppose you’d say we’re more attuned to the natural influences in the world. It often skips a generation, so Granny and I are sensitive, but I’m told my mother wasn’t.

We did a test with this sort of pendant thing to find out if I’m sensitive and apparently I’m not really. Oh well, I guess that dream I keep having where I’m scooping out a giant melon isn’t prophetic after all! Isabella says it doesn’t matter, though. She can still teach me the basics. Except she says it’s called “schooling” when you teach someone about magic, I guess? Looks like I’m going to be learning witchcraft practice!