isabella_protectionYou can wear a length of knotted twine around your neck or wrist to protect yourself from negative influences. The knots are supposed to be spaced at an equal distance along the twine. With each knot, you’re supposed to state your intention. The more knots you make, the stronger the charm will be. Dipping the joined ends of the twine in a mix of blood and honey will make it stronger, too. I didn’t ask whose blood it’s supposed to be. Sealing the ends together with beeswax will also work.

Blood, honey, and beeswax are all powerful binders, and will make almost any charm much stronger. Using all three together is the strongest of all.

And the practitioner’s blood is best, in case you were truly curious. The blood of an animal will also suffice.

Yeah, I’m not going to recommend you cut yourself, but you know, you do you I guess.

You can hang two pieces of crossed iron above your door to protect your home. For even more protection, hammer an iron nail into each corner of your door and window frames. I think this might be related to the superstition of putting a horseshoe above a door for good luck, although it doesn’t have that element of kind of containing the good luck that the horseshoe has.

I’m not sure it works that way. There are influences, good and bad and all kinds in between, and they can touch you or you can draw them to you, but I wouldn’t say you could scoop up good luck like sugar in a spoon. What an odd idea.

Wind chimes are also good protection. The sound of the chimes will dispel negative influences gathered around your home and stop ill-intentioned people from drawing near.