Someone is hiding something

OK now I’m sure something’s going on. This is really really, like deeply weird.

So last weekend, I decided I should try to talk to Isabella face to face. The problem is, I don’t know where she lives. I mean, I kind of know where, but Isabella never let me come over to her house. She said her grandma wouldn’t like it. Even though she took me out into the woods a bunch of times, the closest I ever came to her house was one time after a party when she let me give her a ride home, but she made me drop her off near the turn for her road. So anyway, I decided to see if I could find her house. I figured if Isabella was just grounded, I could see for myself. If something else was wrong, maybe her grandmother would talk to me.

bonesEvery day after school, I went out looking for her house. I got lost a lot. Like, A LOT. Like, I’d turn off onto a road and be driving along it and all of a sudden I’d be back where I started at the highway, like the road was just one big loop. Or I’d see a light off in the distance, and I’d drive towards it, and the next thing I knew, the light would be somewhere else completely. I’ve lived here my whole life. I thought I knew the area pretty well, but I was completely turned around. The longer it went on, the more I started to suspect this was more than just getting lost. Then I saw these clusters of bones hanging from the trees, and I remembered Isabella showing me a concealment charm where you hang bones in the trees and I just . . . I can’t believe it. But I think I’m right.

Then on Monday, I went to the sheriff’s office. They obviously weren’t taking me seriously, like I was just overreacting to a stupid fight. The deputy that took my statement even made it sound like there was something weird about me being worried about Isabella. Like I was stalking her or something.

And then today, they called me. Apparently they talked to Isabella’s grandma, and she said that Isabella is in Wheeling visiting relatives. Except Isabella told me her grandmother was the only family she had.

Why won’t anyone take me seriously?