Dreams and Visiting

Dreams are powerful. They often predict things to come, and there are certain signs you can use to interpret the portends in your dreams. But dreams can also be a way to communicate with spirits. Spirits of the dead may make themselves known in dreams, and an experienced practitioner can also send their living spirit out in dreams. This is called visiting.

If you ever wake up feeling like someone just said your name, it’s possible you were visited in the night. If you wake up with a weight on your chest or you can’t move, you are probably being visited by an ill-intentioned spirit.

According to the hex book, dreams about lightning foretell bad luck. If you see the full moon in your dream, it means you are coming into your fullest power. A dream about the waning moon means you will be vulnerable in the next few days. Rabbits are a lucky sign, but hawks are luckier. If you dream about housework, you’ll be facing upheaval soon. Rivers mean change, but also constancy.

There’s so much about dreams in the hex book. There’s no way I can fit it all into one post. I need to do a follow-up someday with more dream interpretation info.