Herbs and Plants

isabella_herbsHere are some plants and herbs that are useful to a practitioner, according to the hex book:

  • Carve your heart’s desire into a beech branch and bury it to make your wish come true.
  • Toss Scotch broom in the air to raise the wind. Burn it and bury the ashes to settle the wind.
  • Cornflower petals will resolve an argument.
  • Pressing a dogwood flower between the pages of your hex book will protect it.
  • Wear hawthorn to protect from lightning.
  • Oak is one of the most powerful trees. Its wood is good for making tools used in practice.
  • Hang rosemary around the house to protect from thieves. If you carry it in a sachet or put it in your bath, it has healing powers.
  • Carry a sprig of wormwood in your breast pocket to call someone’s spirit to you.
  • A sachet of yarrow under your pillow increases courage and attracts love and friendship.